Artificial Intelligence Trading Bot

Our Bot has made 13.25 % per month On average Since 2017

AI Trend-Trading

83 % Hit Rate


Our AI trading bot is using a combination of indicators, candlestick patterns, divergences and a lot more in order to evaluate where the price is heading.

No matter if Bitcoin is going up or down, we are profiting from both directions as it enters the market with long and short positions.

It has been catching over 83 % of all big moves. (Definition "Big Move": any break out of more than 5% up or down)

Emotionless Trading

The AI bot is only following the code. No human errors possible.

Only Bitcoin

It only trades to increase your Bitcoin holdings (not USD).


It has been field-tested since Jan 2017 with regular positive results.

Liquidity Control

Withdraw your profits

at any time.

Investment Strategy

100 %

Our trading pair


The trading bot currently only trades BTC/USD because of 3 reasons:

  • this trading pair is available on many exchanges which let's us spread the capital in the future.
  • Bitcoin can be used as collateral for leveraged trading on many exchanges so that we don't have to change into USD.
  • Other trading pairs are currently lacking liquidity (except for ETH which we are currently working on implementing).

Top Development Team

The develpment team has been programming bots for over 5 years and has more than 2 years experience with AI.

Referral Program

Refer a friend and get paid commissions.

Please check our affiliate program

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Fast and Easy

Investing is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply send your Bitcoins and the bot will start trading the following Monday.

Results Since January 2017


Portfolio Performance

This chart is showing the portfolio growth (in Bitcoin).

Monthly Trade Statistics

This bar chart shows the monthly trade statistics.

The Downside

Negative Results when the volatility is Very low


If there is very low volatility, the bot tends to make many small negative trades in a row as certain parts of the code "think" there is going to be a movement.

The best example for this is the time from the 9th of September until the 13th of November, in which the Bot made several small negative trades.


When do you pay out trading profits?

Can I earn commissions by refering others?

Why do you require the deposit to be blocked for 180 days?

What exchange are you trading on?

Do you guarantee a certain percentage per month?

How much leverage do you use?

What happens when I am at a loss after 180 days?

What happens in the event of an exchange hack?


Although our bot has produced very good results in the past, this performance does not guarantee positive results in the future. We are certain that it will catch the big moves up or down but you need to keep in mind that in a long sideways movement, our bot will have a tough time being profitable.

That being said, it has proven to be a great hedge against any negative altcoin movement and can be highly profitable in the long run.