Affiliate ​System

Earn up to 
45 % Lifetime Commission on the profit of your team.

Contrary to the usual approach on the market, we only pay commissions on the net PROFIT of successfully closed trades.
As we believe strongly in sustainable and honest ethical business behaviour and actions, we do not guarantee a specific amount or percentage of gains during a specific time periode. Guarantees can't be made in the young market of blockchain technologies. Thereby we create a stable and viable business model which only pays out real profits.

You will earn every time your referrals make a profit through our trading.

5-Level Unilevel Plan

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    You can have as many referrals in a level as you want.
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    You will earn from your referrals' referrals up to 5 levels deep.


Your Referral in the first level invests 1 Bitcoin (BTC).

We start investing the funds into altcoins.

We close the position and your referral earned 1 BTC.

You receive 15 % on your referral's profit: i.e. 0.15 BTC.