Earn up to 45 % Lifetime Commission
On Your Team's Profit

Contrary to the usual approach on the market, we only pay commissions from the net profit of successfully closed trades and do not guarantee a certain amount or percentage as it is simply not possible to guarantee anything in this market. That way, we create a stable and viable business model that only pays out real profits.

You will earn every time your referrals make a profit through our trading.

5-Level Unilevel Plan

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    You can have as many referrals in a level as you want.
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    You will earn from your referrals' referrals up to 5 levels deep.


Your Referral in the first level invests 1 Bitcoin (BTC).

We start investing the funds into altcoins.

We close the position and your referral earned 1 BTC.

You receive 15 % on your referral's profit: i.e. 0.15 BTC.