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We are experts in investing in crypto currencies with steady and successful results for more than 5 years.
We are using our experience to help you turn your Bitcoins into more Bitcoins.

CryptRocket - Fully Managed Digital Asset Investments

From Start To Finish, We Will Manage everything For You

  • We are talking directly to the development teams and as a result, our fundamental analyses are very in-depth.

  • We have professional technical analysts with decades of experience in the traditional and at least 5 years in the digital currency markets.

  • Custody - we have developed our own enterprise security system which exceeds the current industry standard.

Research - Completely Done For You

In-depth research

With over 2,000 digital currencies, it becomes hard and especially time consuming to filter out the very few quality projects. Our research team communicates directly with the development teams, makes comprehensive background checks, keeps track of the progress they make and if they are holding up to their promises.

Superior Custody - Enterprise Security For Your Digital Assets

We developed the (probably) most paranoid security system

So far, we haven't met anyone who was more paranoid about security for digital currencies than we are. The security system we have developed is one of the safest on the market and you can be sure that the coins are as safe as they can be with us.

Branches We Invest In

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